New Lives for Vintage Quilts

A new purpose for vintage textiles, honoring the craftsmanship and creativity of makers who have gone before.

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Repurposing vintage textiles into something new for YOU!

Japan Craft Tour

Join m.a.b.e.l in November, 2024 for a hands-on, small-group, enthusiastic exploration of modern Japanese craft.

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why m.a.b.e.l ?

  • Quilts are the original 'upcycle.' Scraps from old clothing, feedsacks, and even older quilts were constantly re-cut and re-sewn for a new use. m.a.b.el continues this tradition, offering garments and accessories that speak to the maker in all of us.

  • In a world of fast-fashion and ever-changing trends, m.a.b.e.l offers a slower alternative--one-of-a-kind pieces, rooted in tradition, each individually cut and sewn in Philadelphia.

  • m.a.b.e.l strives to use every viable part of each quilt. Tattered quilts are cleaned and mended, and then pieces are cut from large (coats and popovers) to medium (totes) to small (maker caddies) and even miniscule (patches for your jeans). The original quilts are old, but the new pieces add to the longevity.