Collection: Orange Peel/Robbing Peter

The Orange Peel pattern and Robbing Peter to Pay Paul pattern are quite similar, and I regularly mix them up.  They both feature curved pieces and are typically two-color quilts.  I especially LOVE these when the scale is oversized. 

The Orange Peel pattern is said to have derived its name from the Marquis de Lafayette, who entertained his early American guests by slicing an orange into four.  The legend says there was a quilter at the dinner who requested the four peels of the orange and went on to develop this pattern.  

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul also has a legend behind its name--when the King Edward VI of England ordered St. Peter's church to pay for the repairs of St. Paul's.  The origin of the name has nothing to do with the quilt, though.  The Robbing Peter pattern is basically an elongated Drunkard's Path.

Orange Peel
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul