here I am at Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA with my Kitchen Sink Tote

Where in the world can you find m.a.b.e.ls?  Just about anywhere, I'm guessing.  But let's find out for sure. The campaign is quite simple, send me a photo of your m.a.b.e.l piece, and you're entered!  If you post the photo on Instagram and tag me, you'll get a second entry.  There will be a randomly drawn prize every month!

So, here's what you do:

1. Take a pic of your m.a.b.e.l pieces against the backdrop of your travels--global or local.  Iconic landmarks, or the best coffee shop in your neighborhood, every photo counts. You do not need to be in the photo (unless you want to). 

2. Submit your photo to hello@mabelstyle.com with details you're comfy with (where are you? how do you use your m.a.b.e.l?  what's the project you're working on?)

3. Each photo gets one entry.  Tag me on Instagram (@m.a.b.e.lstyle) for a second entry.

4. There are no deadlines. Each submission counts in the month it was submitted.

5. On the first of each month, I'll compile the previous month's submissions and use a random number generator to select a winner.  The winner will receive m.a.b.e.l swag!

That's it!

Here's the fine print

1. When you submit your photo by email (or tagging me on Instagram), you're allowing me to repost your photo on either/both Instagram or my newsletter. I will not identify you by name (unless you agree), but I will identify the venue. 

2. Prizes will be actual products from m.a.b.e.l or discounts towards m.a.b.e.l products. 

Even though we're closing in on April, let's get started now!  Any photos submitted between today and 3/31 will be entered into the April 1 drawing.  

and here I am at Himeji Castle in Japan wearing a popover! 
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