what’s your pain point?

what’s your pain point?

We all have one—that one little thing that stands in our way of …changing jobs, taking that dream vacay, marketing your eensy weensy business.

Yep, my pain point is actually something I’m pretty good at, but apparently the not only are the cobbler’s children barefoot. So is the cobbler!

The hardest part of being a solopreneur for me is NOT the dreaming up of new products, making prototypes, sewing, and then running off to shows…it’s the marketing. Or more specifically, the photography. And I know how to take pictures! But it’s super time-consuming, and I don’t have all the…STUFF…like backgrounds and good lightening and tripods and assistants and props and and and the list goes on.

But I’ve learned there are folks who are GOOD at my pain point, and one even offered to help, as a favor, and let me tell you, what an amazing experience that is. Days of work condensed into a few hours. Someone who sees my products in a different light with different ideas. It was mind-blowing.

I, like many, never want to impose, but my new advice is going to be when someone who’s accomplished in your pain point and offers help, take them up on that! You will not regret it!

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