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Sashiko Kit

Sashiko Kit

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This Sashiko kit is made with beautiful linen woven in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which has a longstanding reputation for its fine woven textiles. The needle passes through the fabric easily, and the texture has rich look and feel that can only be achieved with natural materials.

Sashiko may look complicated, but even beginners can easily enjoy Sashiko by simply stitching on the printed lines of the linen cloth.  The 20" (50cm) square piece is printed with a traditional Japanese pattern known as "Shippo Tsunagi." The overlapping circles symbolize "happiness," "harmony," and "connections." The design is believed to bring good luck.  Even better--the stitch patterns are printed with a special ink that disappears with water.  When you've completed your stitching, you can dampen the linen, and the pattern lines will disappear!

In addition to the linen piece, the Sashiko kit includes cotton thread dyed with natural plants, and a handmade tassel topped with a tiny Temari ball charm. 

Each kit contains:

  • Linen cloth 1 pc
  • Sashiko thread 1 pc
  • Sashiko needle 1pc
  • Tassel charm 1 pc
  • Instructions (pictoral, but in Japanese) 1 pc

Keep in mind that due to the nature of naturally dyed products, there may be color variations in both the linen and cotton thread.

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