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Hasami Magnetic Spool

Hasami Magnetic Spool

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This durable, spool-shaped pin holder contains a strong magnet to store pins, needles, and paperclips neatly.

Fired at a low temperature by expert craftsmen, Hasami Magnetic Pin Holders are made in Nagasaki in an area that's been engaged in pottery making for over 400 years.  Ishimaru Togei, the maker of the Hasami Magnetic Spool, has been operating its kilns since 1948.

Hasami-ware boasts a luster and texture reminiscent of ancient pottery. Each pin holder is finished with a colorful glaze to resemble a real spool of thread.

Designed to be used with needles standing up, it is easier to insert and remove needles with one hand than conventional pin cushions, making operations even smoother.

Inside of the spool is lined with soft felt to protect pin and needles from damage by direct contact with the ceramic base. It is also recommended for needles such as cross-stitch needles with rounded tips that are difficult to insert into a fabric pin cushion.

The built-in magnet makes it convenient for picking up dropped pins and needles directly from your workstation. Better yet, Cohana's Seki Mini Scissor can also be attached to the sides, making it popular as a set for small needlework projects.
A smart and sophisticated way to organize your workspace or desk.

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