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Kokeshi Doll Pin Cushion

Kokeshi Doll Pin Cushion

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Kokeshi are traditional wooden dolls from northern Japan; typically without arms or legs, but with whimsical hand-painted faces and bobbed hair.  While they can be used as toys, they are also symbols of good luck and fortune. 

Cohana collaborated with the Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum to develop this modern, functional twist on the traditional Kokeshi doll. 

The dolls kept the traditional sleek shape and bobbed hair of the kokeshi, interpreted in Cohana's signature colors: yellow, pink, green and blue. Each doll opens to reveal a hidden pincushion and comes with three quality needles from Meboso Hachirobei Shoten.  Best yet, the doll's base is magnetic to easily pick up fallen pins and needles.

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