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Paperboard Tool Kit

Paperboard Tool Kit

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This strong and sturdy paper-based tool case is crafted in the traditional style, where people and machines work in harmony. Skilled craftsmen at Chikamori Co. Ltd designed a light and easy-to-carry square cylindrical tool case that opens horizontally into a tray for easy access to the contents inside.

Two magnets are built into the inside of the tray, so paperclips, notions and other small metal items can be stored without hassle or spillage. Cohana's sewing notions fit perfectly in the box. Can be used as a pencil case as well.

The Paperboard Tool Kit was manufactured by Chikamori Co. Ltd. in Kochi Prefecture. Since 1926, they've been manufacturing high end gift boxes as well as old type boxes with flat and square clasps, which are rarely seen nowadays. Compared to today's machine-made products, the process of crafting these exquisite boxes takes more time and manpower, but the quality is evident in the unique texture of these traditional handicrafts.

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