Quilts in the summer? You Betcha!

Quilts in the summer? You Betcha!

As someone who's cold all the time (yes, even in the summer, thank you central ac!) my summer closet doesn't look all that different than my fall/winter/spring closet, but I do recognize that quilt coats and popovers aren't everyone's jam during the dog days.  So what's a person with a growing pile of cutter quilts to do?  Diversify!

Introducing the Cube Totes!  Inspired by both the ubiquitous Ikea shopping bags and a cute upcycled tote (fashioned from an old tablecloth) that came across my IG feed, Cube Totes are GINORMOUS tote bags, perfect for summer weekend get-aways, trips to the beach or lake, or staycation picnics.  

At 13" cubed, the totes are lined in this really awesome dry oilskin (imported from England), so anything wet or spill-able does not affect the outer quilt.  There's a small inside pocket (for your phone or wallet, and a sewn-in loop (for hanging the arm of your glasses or keys on). Like my fave Ikea bags, there are two sets of handles, one long (13" drop) and one short (for a quick grab and go). Two of the totes have a raincoat yellow lining that coordinates nicely with the outer; all the others are a neutral stone color.

I made the prototype from a cutter quilt, and just loved it.  But I also wanted to use some of my quilt tops, as it's important when bags are so huge that they're not super heavy.  Quilt tops are lightweight, but a bag of this size does need some structure, more than the dry oilskin lining could offer.  After experimenting with a variety of interfacings, I found a Goldilocks combo.  

Cube Totes are a blast to make, and I'm puzzling through how to add this shape (or some variation of it) to my permanent collection.  In the meantime, ENJOY them for your summer fun!


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