Welcome Cohana to the m.a.b.e.l family!

Welcome Cohana to the m.a.b.e.l family!

I'm a HUGE fan of unexpected scale--I LOVE the visual surprise when something is either WAY TOO BIG or so incredibly small.  And while large scale is so amazing, it's the tiny things that really draw my attention.  (case in point: we've got an old printer's type drawer hanging in our hallway that my three kiddos and I have filled with the teeniest of tiny things found throughout our travels.)

That's why I'm so happy to bring you a selection of products from Cohana, a wonderful Japanese purveyor of beautiful tools for anyone dabbling in handcrafts.  

Cohana is so special, not only because of the exquisite quality of their tools and notions, but also because of what they stand for.  They work with local tradesmen and women representing traditional Japanese industries and crafts to create the highest quality tools with more than a nod to beautiful and functional design.  The end result is new markets for these small craft businesses and tools any maker is proud to own. 

I've chosen some of my favorites to carry--the Seki Mini Snips (especially perfect for airline travel) and the Hasami Magnetic Pin Holder (the magnet attracts pins to both the outside and inside).  Cohana's tools are all available in their signature five colors (yellow, pink, green, blue, and gray), but I was lucky enough to snag some Sakura '24 edition Seki MIni Snips for this spring!  

New for Cohana are the Pokeori Hand Loom and their Asobi Ito thread bobbins.  Asobi Ito means "thread play" in Japanese, and when used with the Pokeori Hand Loom, you'll be able to create a myriad of little squares, perfect for mending, or a creating coasters, or even some woven jewelry. 

If you've always been interested in sashiko, but haven't yet given it a try, I can recommend Cohana's Sashiko kits. Available in either a dark gray or a natural linen, the stitching pattern is printed on the cloth in a washable ink.  The kits also come with naturally dyed cotton threads, and the end result can be turned into a decorative pillow, table cover, or line a bread basket. 

I think you'll love Cohana as much as I do, and keep in mind that all of these wonderful tools make wonderful gifts (and it goes without saying that since they're from Japan, they're beautifully packaged).  

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