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Pokeori Loom

Pokeori Loom

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A pocket-sized loom that can be taken out just for a moment to enjoy a little weaving anytime, anywhere.

This kit comes with a pocket-sized Mini Loom, a Needle, a Comb.  It works really well with the Asobi Ito yarn packs.  

You can also enjoy weaving with your surplus threads and/or thinly cut fabric scraps. Makes a great gift for those who love handicrafts.

You can enjoy making original accessories and decorations with the finished small weavings.

Even small children, for whom needles and scissors are not yet safe, can experience the joy of making while having fun with their parents, which nurtures their creativity.

Eco Friendly Product
The Mini Loom and the Comb are made from 51% scallop shells. The needle is made of high strength paper. These items can be disposed of as combustible waste, making the kit an earth-friendly product.

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